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We recently had some involvement with a local farm who needed some support to provide security on site to oversee expensive equipment as well as some assistance to keep an eye on calving cows. The farmer and his wife were getting up in the middle of the night to go out to the cow shed to check on the birthing Mothers and calves during birthing season.

This created both a safety risk in relation to walking around the farm ground in the middle of the night which could be hazardous to their own safety as well as a risk of coming across intruders in such a vulnerable environment. In order to keep them safe we created a system to allow them to view the cow sheds and equipment from the comfort of their own home by installing 2 motorised cameras (PTZ) in the cow sheds along with a data radio link which enables remote access from the farmhouse to the shed as running cabling in such an environment would not be feasible. Using these cameras in this situation in particular means they can choose to zoom in and out where necessary, which was of high importance to the customer.

We now have happy customers who are enjoying 24-hour surveillance and viewing the birthing of the animals on their smart device’s, keeping an eye on their property, all while keeping safe indoors.