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Fire Alarm Installation

All buildings whether residential or commercial should be protected with a fire alarm system. This allows protection for both individuals, family members and employees. Early detection of a fire can save lives and minimises damage to property and belongings.

Wrights Solutions perform fire alarm installation for commercial and residential properties in London and the surrounding counties. Our fire detection systems range from conventional systems through to large networked multi-panel intelligent systems. Following a survey of your property, we will supply, install and maintain a fire detection system that will provide you with the highest protection and allow ease of mind at all times.

Various zone points can be set up throughout the building ensuring detectors are staged effectively in order to pick up concerning signs regarding the start of a fire. When a detector is triggered, a fire alarm control panel will indicate which zone has been triggered. This provides you with an early indication of the hazard area.

Addressable Systems are often installed in larger premises which not only identify the area of the alarm but by using the control panels LCD display the exact device which has been activated can be displayed in text. This makes identifying the exact source of any potential fire more accurate in larger buildings.